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Save 10% OFF ANY Full Service Catering Package Through April 25th 2020

It is no surprise that this Covid-19 epidemic has caused tremendous stress, frustration, and overwhelm during this wedding season. Are you an engaged couple, struggling to find availability from your vendors for a postponed date? Have your vendors canceled service due to the Coronavirus?

We at Modern! Fusion understand how devastating a turn in events can be for you, your family, and friends. Rather than sit and wait, we have been working endlessly around the clock to find solutions that will HELP our current and future clients.

🔥 We work with many venues and would LOVE to work with
🔥 Our team has doubled, so we ARE available!
🔥 We have introduced our Covid-19 Economic Relief
Package, so we ARE affordable!
🔥 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Award Winning Catering Services
🔥 Flexible Payment Terms and Financing Available!
🔥 Refundable Hold-Date deposits until AFTER your personalized taste testing.
🔥 No Kitchen? No Problem! We bring a full kitchen to ANY
venue :)
🔥 Need help with everything else? Free!