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Meet the Owner

We stand behind our brand!

Chef Angelo Napoli has been in the restaurant business his entire life. His passion and esteemed aspirations to become a chef grew stronger throughout the years while watching his father work in their family owned restaurant, Napoli Pizza. His love for delicious cuisine became an addiction.  Competing throughout his early education in various culinary battles,  Angelo knew he had a gift.  He spent years mastering his craft, working sous chef and head chef positions at some of the Lehigh Valley's top restaurants such as Roma Ristorante, Mama Ninas, and Broadway Social.  Angelo realized his creations could come to life by being able to bring the party to you. The best part is, at your own convenience.  Anytime, anyplace!

Did You Know?

We stand behind our brand!

We handle everything from venues, entertainment, decorations, and mouth watering food to WOW your guests.

Have an idea? Let us know and we will start working one on one with you and your budget to create a lasting memory at your next party.

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