Dishwasher and Food Prep Positions

The Modern! Fusion Catering Team is expanding and we are looking for A-Players to join our movement.  This is #NotYourAverage Job! As a company, we have a set of core values that cannot be waived:

  • Work Efficiency / Work Flow

  • Honesty / Integrity

  • Organization Skills

  • Passion for Quality 

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to Figure Stuff Out

  • Hustle

  • Reliability

  • Professionalism / Respect

  • Follow Through On Commitments

 Normal work hours are from 9AM-1PM on most weekdays.

  Must be available on Saturdays!

Roles / Responsibilities:

Dishwasher / Prep Assistant

Food Preparation / Event Assistant 

  • Food preparation and event / order fulfillment

  • Food packaging for event fulfillment

  • Kitchen / Event Clean up. Organizing / Event Packaging Detail 

  • Inventory Pick up / Delivery 

  • Event Sous Chef / Kitchen Assistance / Clean Up

  • Drop Off Orders / Delivery / Set up 

  • Prep Kitchen Left Clean and Ready for Reopen /Storage Room Organized

  • Prep Assist 

  • Event Packaging

  • Dishes Completed Daily

  • Event Assistant / Dishwashing

  • Garbage

Preparing Food

What to expect from us...

  • Training - Little Experience Required

  • Pride - An opportunity to be part of something bigger than “yourself”.

  • Voice - An opportunity to be heard.  Your input and feedback MATTER.

  • Progress - A chance to perform and a comprehensive path to success.

  • Advancement Opportunity - We grow? You Grow. 

  • Praise and Recognition - Publicly and Privately

Fun Facts About "A" Players 

An A-Player:

  • DOES NOT Know-It-All

  • DOES NOT Need to be managed every day

  • DOES NOT Need a pep talk or to be motivated regularly

Cooking Class

An A-Player:

  • Has a strong work ethic

  • Has a HIGH Ability to Figure Stuff Out

  • Hits deadlines nearly all of the time

  • Is Organized and has their own system of tasks

  • Is efficient with their time

  • Thrives working with other A-Players


  • Is Focused on Continuous Improvement

  • Is 100% COACHABLE

  • Is Flexible and Adaptable

  • Does what it takes to hit a goal

  • Is Persistent

  • Leads by example